Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Is Your Retirement Income Recession-Proof?

It’s been 10 years since the Great Recession of 2008, which means had a whole decade to correct our financial missteps of the past, right? Some alarming stats say otherwise. Learn more about ways to protect and grow your retirement income during the good times and the bad at the Financial Freedom Studio.

The Time is Now

The decisions you make during your working years will impact your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle in the future. That's why it's critical to arm yourself with as much information as possible as you approach retirement. It’s also important to consider how you’ll make the shift from earning and saving to generating income that can last as long as your retirement does.

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A Lesson Learned a Decade Later

A decade after the Great Recession, many people are still in search of a “recession-proof” retirement. Protected lifetime income could help address this concern. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

The Magic Amount to Save for Retirement

Saving for retirement is not a one-size-fits-all formula. Bev Bachel explains why getting in touch with your goals is the first step toward pursuing retirement with confidence. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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How Women Can Form Better Relationships with Their Financial Advisors

Your relationship with your financial advisor is one of the most important long-term relationships of your life. Jean Chatzky shares her take on how to form these relationships and keep them strong. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

Bridging the Retirement Income Gap

Bev Bachel exposes the retirement income gap and offers insight into how protected lifetime income can help bridge the gap between what you’ve saved and what you need. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

Protected Lifetime Income and the Johari Window

Seth Harris discusses how protected lifetime income can help address the knowns and unknowns surrounding retirement. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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Women and Retirement: How Annuities Can Work Into Your Strategy

Women live an average of five years longer than men. How can we make sure our money does, too? Jean Chatzky shares how annuities can help plan for retirement. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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The Financial Freedom Studio makes practical financial knowledge accessible and engaging for all. We bring together thought leaders, experts and visionaries to present ideas that inspire people to pursue financial freedom and personal fulfillment for life.

Prosperity in Knowledge

The Jackson Charitable Foundation is committed to advancing financial knowledge for people of all ages in communities across the country - with the belief that education for each of us can lead to a better society for all of us.

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Jackson is a leading provider of retirement products that help you take control of your financial future. It’s a company that believes everyone deserves to live life well, and strives to provide education and support in the journey to financial freedom.