Our cybersecurity program

Be SAFE at Jackson® - Security awareness for everyone

Jackson recognizes information security is an important issue and is key to maintaining the trust of our customers and financial professionals. To protect customer and business data, we've implemented an industry-standard information security program; our certified and experienced professionals strive to protect the integrity of our systems and applications. Our focus is ensuring the right controls are in place to keep your information secure. As the methods of compromising data evolve, Jackson is committed to advancing its security to keep client and financial professional information safe.

How does Jackson protect your information?

We apply a comprehensive set of security controls integrated with people, processes, and technology to safeguard Jackson, our clients, business partners, and financial professionals. These controls include:

  • Associates complete required security training and engage in organization-wide awareness activities
  • Industry-recognized skilled certifications necessary for security specialists and related fields
  • Dedicated teams for 24/7 security monitoring, enhancements, and testing
  • Due-diligence assessments of risk from third parties
  • Secure software development processes
  • Embedded security in operational business processes
  • Comprehensive security monitoring of our infrastructure
  • Continuous security updates to systems
  • Strong encryption to ensure secure connections
  • Security scanning of programming changes
  • Regular disaster-recovery exercises
  • Encrypted and physically secure data backups
  • Engagement with security information-sharing networks including law enforcement and industry consortiums
  • The Be SAFE program is designed to educate distribution partners and customers about information-security concerns
  • Firewalls and routers configured to protect data from unauthorized access
  • Monitoring, detection, and prevention of network-intrusion attempts
  • Secure and redundant data centers
  • Multifactor authentication for identity protection
  • Continuous network scanning to identify security vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing to simulate real-world threats
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack protections to block cyberattacks
  • Sophisticated technologies to prevent unauthorized access to networks, systems, and data

Take a closer look

Identifying fraudulent forms. Scammers impersonate real clients by submitting fraudulent forms populated with data obtained from one of the countless public breaches that occur every year.

Moving forms behind the login. Application forms, withdrawal and surrender forms, and other official documents for current contract owners have been moved behind the login. This reduces the risk of receiving a fraudulent form.

Analyzing digital behavior. To keep your assets safe, Jackson uses sophisticated technology to analyze online behaviors and detect abnormal activity. For instance, when a user logs in from an abnormal or untraceable location, or initiates an unusual transaction request, these actions can prompt an automatic account lockout followed by a thorough investigation of the potential threat.

Implementing Multifactor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a two-step verification process that confirmed your login credentials on a separate device such as your phone. Setup takes minutes and is a great way to boost your account security.

Sharing cybersecurity resources. On this webpage, you'll find helpful tips on how to keep your assets secure, report a security issue, and learn more about the processes we have in place to protect you.

Enabling voice biometrics. Clients are enrolled in Jackson VoiceGuard℠ to give an added layer of account login protection that activates account access through voice matching and makes retrieving account information easy and fast.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility

Be aware: Your email links to your identity

Account Takeover (ATO) is a common cybersecurity threat we face today. A compromised account such as email can give cybercriminals access to any account your email is connected to and allows them to reset your passwords and compromise your data on other websites.

Take the right steps to protect your identity and follow the best practices below.

  1. Create a unique password for financial and other websites. Hackers use stolen passwords to check if you have also used them on other sites. Password managers such as Dashlane and 1Password can generate and keep unique passwords safe.
  2. Enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Passwords by themselves are weak. Hackers use a variety of tools that can crack weak passwords in minutes, sometimes even seconds. Enabling MFA or two-factor authentication adds another layer of protection. In addition to a username and password, you may receive a code to a separate device, such as your phone or laptop.
  3. Don't click on links or open email attachments. Cybercriminals use fraudulent email, aka phishing email, to spread malware or persuade you to share valuable information. If you weren't expecting an email or it looks suspicious, use an alternative communication method, such as a phone number or separate email, to confirm the legitimacy of the email.

New way to open secure emails from Jackson

Learn how to open secure messages from Jackson on desktop or mobile. 

Reporting a security issue

If you or your clients with a Jackson account notice suspicious activity, please report it immediately. Constant vigilance, proactivity, and awareness of Jackson's Be SAFE program can help prevent fraud. 

Report fraud with the Federal Trade Commission

Jackson is committed to protecting clients and customers from cybercriminals and fraud attempts. If you notice any suspicious activity, report it immediately.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) adds another layer of security to help prevent anyone other than you from accessing your sensitive information online. Learn more about setting up MFA in this enrollment video.

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Jackson VoiceGuard

Jackson VoiceGuard is an integrated voice biometrics system that verifies callers to Jackson's customer service center.

Jackson® is the marketing name for Jackson Financial Inc., Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Home Office: Lansing, Michigan), and Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York® (Home Office: Purchase, New York).