Should We Re-Calibrate Our Retirement Dreams After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Regardless of our retirement dreams, the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences have been a global nightmare. This post recounts some of the things we may want to consider as we re-calibrate our retirement plans and suggests there may be some positive lessons to be learned from how we are navigating this pandemic. Learn more on the Financial Freedom Studio.

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The 2020 Elections and Your Retirement

Many retirement policy issues inspire bipartisan solutions. So, while bipartisan retirement policy developments might emerge regardless of who wins the White House and controls Congress, the 2020 election also could result in one party’s agenda being enacted into law. Their agenda could affect your retirement or your retirement planning. Find out more at the Financial Freedom Studio.


Social Security is a Necessary Part of Your Retirement Plan. Alone, It Is Not Enough.

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Getting Reacquainted With Your Annuity

In the midst of this pandemic-driven recession, many consumers are dusting off their financial planning files and refreshing their knowledge on what they own that could help them get through a market downturn. You may be finding that you own some products you forgot about or wondering if there's something you could have included to offer a greater sense of protection during vulnerable times. Learn more about how to plan for the future at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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