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"Women With Money" Exclusive Excerpt: Yes, You Have a Money Story

In an exclusive excerpt from her book "Women With Money," Jean Chatzky discusses the unique relationship many of us have with money and how to ensure deeply held beliefs do not dictate your financial destiny. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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Seeking Investment Opportunities For Beginners

For many Americans that have worked hard to save, investing their wealth in the stock market can sound risky. Sara Sanford exposes how failing to invest can actually be even riskier, and offers steps beginning investors can take to minimize risk while generating investment income. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

Beyond The Wage Gap - Financial Feminism

Many of us have heard about the wage gap, but the less discussed retirement income gap can be just as influential. The women who start taking steps today to protect and grow their wealth can change the story of women in retirement. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

What To Do If A Recession Hits As You’re Headed Into Retirement

Experts say we're likely to see another recession by 2020. Jean Chatzky shares her thoughts on how you can prepare, while also continuing to live your life. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

Five Ways The New Congress’ Retirement Agenda Should Inform Your Retirement Planning

With the new Congress underway, forthcoming action, or continued inaction, may be relevant to some of the decisions you will make as you plan your retirement. Former Acting Secretary of Labor Seth Harris shares five tips on how retirement policy could affect your future plans. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

How Annuities Can Support Family Goals

Think annuities are just for retirement? Think again! Jean Chatzky shares her take on how annuities can help pave the way to accomplishing your family goals. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

Using Beliefs to Drive Financial Decisions with Suze Orman

Suze Orman shares her thoughts on how women can feel empowered to give to themselves as much as they give to others. Watch the video, Using Beliefs to Drive Financial Decisions, at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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