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We are committed to helping Americans retire with financial security

We want to help ensure more Americans achieve financial freedom - because they deserve to live the lives they want in retirement. Learning how financial professionals and retirement savers address financial challenges can help investors make informed decisions about their financial futures. 

This is why Jackson regularly conducts research on topics and generates retirement statistics to understand the saving and spending habits of people in or near retirement, or anyone seeking better outcomes in their financial journeys. 

10,000 baby boomers


By 2034, Social Security may only pay 77% of benefits



While 54% of non-retirees have savings in a 401k plan and 34% in an IRA


Key findings

Retirement statistics and analysis addressing longer lifespans

We partnered with the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College to take an in-depth look at retirement statistics around financial risks impacting the security of American retirement. The first study in this series, Research, Analysis, and Insights on Addressing Longevity Risk, reveals the strategies and pitfalls of how Americans approach funding retirement while living longer. 


security in retirement series in partnership with the center for retirement research at Boston college

Additional resources

Educational resources

With the assistance of our educational resources—which include motivating articles by forward-thinking leaders and diverse visionaries—your journey to personal fulfillment can be as enlightening as it is fun.

Calculators and tools

Explore our financial calculators and tools that offer a quick look into your retirement concerns—including income protection and the impact of taxes—to get you started making a more comprehensive plan with your financial professional.

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