Investment due diligence

Investment strategies

Investment strategies from our partners are selected and monitored by the experienced team at Jackson National Asset Management, LLC® (JNAM) using a rigorous due diligence process guided by five key criteria:

Jackson National Asset Management's comprehensive due diligence process for identifying and monitoring investment managers for the Jackson variable annuity platform is guided by five key criteria called the PROOF process. PROOF is an acronym for Performance, Repeatability, Operations, Oversight, and Fit. Performance is defined as thoroughly analyze sources of risk and performance. Repeatability is defined as identify systematic elements that foster consistent results. Operations is defined as review integrity of operational and reporting functions. Oversight is defined as ongoing oversight of all elements of a sub-adviser. Fit is defied as ensure compatibility with principles of diversification and investment freedom.

The PROOF process is played out in concrete, day-to-day actions—such as the more than 450 calls and due diligence meetings with existing and potential investment partners JNAM conducts each year. Portfolio performance, portfolio manager governance, regulatory compliance, and financial stability are evaluated regularly. Any manager who does not meet expectations will be replaced. 

JNAM partners with some of the leading investment managers in the world and leverages their research and insights to inform our investment outlook. Check out Jackson's latest viewpoints

Direct JNAM-managed investment options

 We emphasize the importance of oversight and the selection of best-in-class investment managers in helping clients with their retirement goals. 

Fully diverse

Risk-based models that can invest across various asset classes in active and/or passive strategies

  • JNL Aggressive Growth Allocation Fund
  • JNL Conservative Allocation Fund
  • JNL Growth Allocation Fund
  • JNL Moderate Allocation Fund
  • JNL Moderate Growth Allocation Fund

Manager specific

Risk-based models that invest in underlying investment strategies of a particular investment manager

  • JNL iShares Tactical Funds
  • JNL/American Funds Allocation Funds
  • JNL/Vanguard ETF Allocation Funds

New manager search process

Whenever JNAM launches a new JNL Fund, or replaces a manager on a current Fund, there is a formal search procedure built around the PROOF Process that involves idea generation, initial screening, and final approval by the Jackson Product Committee and JNL Funds Board of Trustees. 

Idea generation
  • Identify need
  • JNAM knowledge of manager universe
  • "Hidden Gem" opportunities
  • Morningstar & eVestment Alliance Databases
  • Proprietary Performance Ranking Tool
  • Fees, Capacity, and Seeding Requirements
Due Diligence
  • PROOF Process
  • Present to Jackson Product Committee and JNL Funds Board of Trustees for approval

Meet the JNAM Portfolio Management team

Bill Harding, CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager,
28 years of experience | 11 years with JNAM

Sean Hynes, CFA, CAIA

Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Manager,
20 years of experience | 11 years with JNAM

Kyle Ottwell, CFA, CAIA

Director, Portfolio Manager,
17 years of experience | 17 years with JNAM

Mark Pliska, CFA

Assistant Vice President, Portfolio Manager,
18 years of experience | 13 years with JNAM

Jackson National Asset Management, LLC® (JNAM) is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and is the investment adviser to the “Funds,” which are investment companies (subaccounts) that underlie the Jackson variable products.  Nothing contained herein is investment advice nor a solicitation for investment advisory services. JNAM is an affiliate of Jackson National Life Distributors LLC and Jackson National Life Insurance Company.

Before investing, investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the variable annuity and its underlying investment options. The current contract prospectus and underlying fund prospectuses provide this and other important information. Please contact your financial professional or the Company to obtain the prospectuses. Please read the prospectuses carefully before investing or sending money. 

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