Financial strength

Ratings and rankings

Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Jackson®) has earned the following financial strength ratings from independent rating agencies:

  • A (Excellent)
    A.M. Best financial strength rating, the third highest of 13 rating categories 
  • A (Strong)
    Fitch Ratings insurer financial strength rating, the sixth highest of 19 rating categories 
  • A (Strong) 
    Standard & Poor's insurer financial strength rating, the sixth highest of 20 rating categories
  • A2 (Good) 
    Moody's Investors Service, Inc. insurance financial strength rating, the sixth highest of 21 rating categories

Ratings are accurate as of 3/3/2021.

Financial strength ratings do not apply to the principal amount or investment performance of the separate account or underlying investments of variable products.

Asset rankings

Out of the 50 largest individual US life insurance companies ranked by total statutory assets, Jackson ranks as the:

  • 7th largest US life insurance company ranked by total statutory assets1
  • 16th largest US life insurance company ranked by general account assets1
  • 22nd largest US life insurance company ranked by statutory surplus plus asset valuation reserve and interest maintenance reserve1

Sales rankings

  • #1 seller of annuities in the US during 20202
  • Ranked #1 in variable annuity sales in the US during 20203
  • 22nd largest seller of fixed-rate deferred annuities in the US during 20204
  • 19th largest seller of fixed index annuities in the US during 20205

The state of our business: See the results6

Jackson’s performance is reported using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),7 a principles-based set of international accounting standards for reporting financial information.

  FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
IFRS Pretax Operating Income $2.5 billion $3.0 billion $2.8 billion
IFRS Total Assets  $259.8 billion $297.6 billion $328.5 billion
IFRS Policy Reserves8 $236.4 billion $269.5 billion $296.5 billion
IFRS Stockholder Equity  $7.2 billion
$9.1 billion $9.7 billion

Variable Annuities  

$16.7 billion  $14.7 billion $16.6 billion

Fixed Index Annuities9

$0.3 billion $3.8 billion $1.0 billion

Fixed Annuities9

$0.5 billion $1.2 billion $0.3 billion


$3.1 billion  $2.5 billion $1.3 billion
Total Sales and Deposits11 $20.6 billion $22.2 billion  $19.2 billion