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Education for Everyone

Our mission is to make practical financial knowledge accessible and engaging for all. We bring together scholars, thought leaders and visionaries to present ideas and information that inspire people to pursue financial freedom and personal fulfillment for life.

The Wisdom of a Collective

At the Studio, we believe in the power of community. In bringing financial freedom to life, it’s important to explore a breadth of perspectives and experiences. So we seek bright minds with unique points of view - those who possess a passion for financial and life planning, and who ignite that passion in others.

In Italian, Studio means “room for study.” And its common usage in English denotes a place where creativity and new ideas thrive. That’s why the word fits our purpose, because the Financial Freedom Studio is a place where curious, dynamic people come together in the spirit of sharing knowledge and insight - and in forging new and innovative ideas.

Financial planning and the pursuit of a meaningful, purpose-driven life are endeavors that go hand in hand - and the Studio is a place where people can find information and resources to aid in the journey.

We invite you to share our articles, white papers, videos and interactive tools with your colleagues, family and friends.

Contributing Thought Leaders

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Bev Bachel
Writer and Author, “What Do You Really Want? How to Set a Goal and Go for It!”
Author Image
Jean Chatzky
Financial Editor, NBC's TODAY Show
Author Image
Seth D. Harris
Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor, Attorney at Seth D. Harris | Law & Policy
Author Image
Melissa Hernandez
Corporate Communications Director, Jackson
Author Image
Tom Hurley
Senior Vice President, Market Research and Strategic Development, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC
Author Image
Jim Jensen
Partner and Chief Financial Officer, think2perform
Author Image
Richard Leider
Founder and Chairman, Inventure - The Purpose Company
Author Image
Doug Lennick
Chief Executive Officer, think2perform
Author Image
Moshe Milevsky
Professor and Chair of the Finance Department, York University, Schulich School of Business
Author Image
Emilio Pardo
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Jackson Holdings LLC
Author Image
Allison Pearson
Vice President, National Sales Desk, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC
Author Image
Kat Saks
Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Jackson
Author Image
Marilynn Scherer
Vice President, Fixed and Fixed Index Annuity Product Development, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC
Author Image
Dan Starishevsky
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC
Author Image
Barry Stowe
Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Holdings LLC
Author Image
Chuck Wachendorfer
President, Head of Distribution, think2perform
Author Image
Phil Wright
Vice President of Marketing Communications, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC

Plan for Retirement

It's critical to arm yourself with as much information as possible as you approach retirement. It’s also important to consider how you’ll make the shift from earning and saving to generating income that can last as long as your retirement does.

Prosperity in Knowledge

The Jackson Charitable Foundation is committed to advancing financial knowledge for people of all ages in communities across the country - with the belief that education for each of us can lead to a better society for all of us.

A Jackson Idea

Jackson is a leading provider of retirement products that help you take control of your financial future. It’s a company that believes everyone deserves to live life well, and strives to provide education and support in the journey to financial freedom.