Infographic: the writing is on the wall

May 13, 2022

Learn more about why a written financial plan can be incredibly valuable to prepare for your retirement.

Highlights from an industry study show written plans for retirement are valuable and can help you build trust with your financial professional. From key reminders to vital reassurances, the writing is on the wall when it comes to the advantages of a written plan. Here are a few reasons why you should consider putting your plan in writing:

The writing is on the wall. The best retirement plan is likely a written retirement plan pepared by your financial professional. Formal written financial or retirement plans are highly valuable. 73% of financial professionals say providing written financial plans are very important in building trust with investors. Three in five investors find their written financial retirement plans very valuable. Financial professionals to do not extensively provide formal written plans. Only 28% of financial professionals have provided a formal written financial plan to 80% or more of their clients 50 to 70 years old. 41% of investors working with a financial professional have not received a written financial/retirmeent income plan. Written plans should address healthcare costs in retirement. How often written plans include healthcare costs. How often written plans include healthcare costs? 67% always/often, 24% sometimes, 8% rarely/never. Topics investors want more information about: 35% healtcare, 26% retirement income, 26% social security, 28% retirement lifestyle..

Jackson® co-sponsored a survey of 1,003 consumers 50 to 70 years old with investable assets of at least $200,000 and 303 financial professionals from May 26 through June 12, 2021.

Survey results from the 2021 Retiree Insights surveys conducted by Greenwald Research.

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