Income Protection

Retirement Income You Can Rely On

One of the biggest concerns around retirement is outliving your money. Let's face it, none of us can predict how many years retirement--and the need for income--will last. There are ways to ensure an income that will last a lifetime. All Jackson annuities offer some form of income stream that you can rely on later in life. Some fixed annuities offer free withdrawals* up to a certain percentage, † and some fixed index annuities and variable annuities come with add-on benefits that provide lifetime income. Lining up several sources of income —including an annuity—may put you in a better position for when you retire.


Understanding Essentials of Protected Income

Why You May Need To Re-fund Your Retirement

With pensions being a thing of the past, life expectency increasing annually, and social security only going so far, many retirees don't have the savings needed to last through their retirement. Lifetime income is important - here's why.

Reaching Retirement Goals Can Be Easier Than You Think

Making sure you have enough money saved is a priority for many Americans. Jackson is here to help take the guess-work out of your financial planning, and help ensure you reach your retirement goals.

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a long-term, tax-deferred vehicle designed for retirement.  Variable annuities involve investment risks and may lose value. Earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed. Individuals may be subject to a 10% additional tax for withdrawals before age 59½ unless an exception to the tax is met.

The principal value of the variable annuity will fluctuate based on the performance of the underlying investment options and may lose value.


Retirement Expense & Income Calculator

How much will you need in retirement? Jackson has a calculator that can answer this question, but also presents a clearer picture of what you’ll need to make it all work. 

Retirement Income Fundamentals

You shouldn’t be spending your retirement wondering how you’re going to continue to pay for essentials like housing, food, and healthcare. These everyday expenses can add up quickly and social security may not be enough. That’s why lining up additional sources of income before you retire can better position you to handle basic and unforeseen circumstances. To learn more about your options view the videos featured here.

Dependable Retirement Income

For lifetime income that won’t run out, social security is a start, but it may only get you part of the way there. It could be worthwhile to consider the income-related benefits of an annuity to help you with your income needs in retirement.

Fixed-Index Annuities

Protecting your principal, with the addition of income and growth in retirement are primary capabilities with Jackson’s MarketProtector Suite of fixed index annuities. 

Explore Jackson Fixed-Index Annuities
Variable Annuities

If you’re looking to add growth potential to your portfolio while drawing down your retirement assets, Jackson offers a range of variable annuities—with an array of add-on benefits—to meet the challenges you foresee. 

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See More Annuity Benefits

Growth Potential

The market can be intimidating for investors, but it also can be a powerful tool for growing your assets. Annuities that offer market access can provide opportunities for growth through a variety of investment options. Some annuities even offer protections against market ups and downs.

Growth Potential from Tax Deferral

One of the great advantage of annuities is they defer your taxes on interest and investment earnings until you take income from them. This means you get to keep more of what you’ve earn to invest in your future retirement.

Legacy Benefits

Sometimes there’s more to retirement than living a good life. With add-on benefits that preserve and grow assets in an annuity, planning for future generations has never been easier. And once it’s time to pass your legacy, it can go directly to your beneficiaries, tax-deferred. 

*Each Contract Year, up to 10% of the Accumulation Value determined at the beginning of the Contract Year and 10% of subsequent premium payments may be taken free of withdrawal charges and MVA. Free withdrawals not taken in a Contract Year are not available in following Contract Years. If a requested partial withdrawal plus the sum of all prior withdrawals within a Contract Year (including any RMDs) exceeds the greater of 10% of the Accumulation Value determined at the beginning of the Contract Year plus 10% of subsequent premium payments, or – on or after the Activation Date – the greater of the LAIP and the RMD on a contract with an LIB, the amount of the partial withdrawal requested in excess of the free amount will be subject to withdrawal charges and MVA.

Add-on benefits are available for an extra charge in addition to the ongoing fees and expenses of the variable annuity, and may be subject to conditions and limitations. The amount of income that these benefits may provide can vary depending on age, when income is taken, and how many lives are covered when the benefit is elected. Certain state variations may also apply. The cost of these benefits may negatively impact the contracts' cash value.  The lifetime income of the benefits available with variable annuities becomes effective at issue if the designated life is age 59½ at issue, or upon the contract anniversary following designated life’s 59½ birthday, provided the contract value is greater than zero and has not been annuitized.

Before investing, investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the variable annuity and its underlying investment options. The current contract prospectus and underlying fund prospectuses, which are contained in the same document, provide this and other important information. Please contact your financial professional or the Company to obtain the prospectuses. Please read the prospectuses carefully before investing or sending money.

Fixed index annuities are also referred to as fixed annuities with index-linked interest in the contract.

Fixed index annuities are not available in New York.

The latest maturity date or income date allowed under an annuity contract is age 95, which is the required age to annuitize or take a lump sum. Please see the prospectus for important information regarding the annuitization of a variable annuity contract.

Fixed index annuities are issued by Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Home Office: Lansing, Michigan) and distributed by Jackson National Life Distributors LLC, member FINRA. Not available in all states and state variations may apply. Depending on the product, additional premium may be permitted in the first contract year. These products are fixed annuities that do not participate in any stock or equity investments. Limitations and restrictions apply, including withdrawal charges, recapture charges or market value adjustments (MVA) on some products. Recapture charges and MVA may not apply in all states. During the Indexed Option Period, the annuity's cash withdrawal value may be less than the initial premium. For costs and complete details, contact your representative or the Company.

Variable annuities are issued by Jackson National Life Insurance Company and in New York by Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York (Home Office: Purchase, New York). Variable annuities are distributed by Jackson National Life Distributors LLC, member FINRA. May not be available in all states and state variations may apply. These contracts have limitations and restrictions. Jackson issues other annuities with similar features, benefits, limitations, and charges. Discuss them with your financial professional or contact Jackson for more information.

The design of these annuity contracts emphasizes the protection of credited interest rather than the maximization of interest rate crediting. Jackson issues other annuities with similar features, benefits, limitations, minimum Caps/Rates and charges. Similar products with different features, limitations and with either higher or lower Caps/Rates may be available through other broker-dealers. Fixed annuities with index-linked interest may not be suitable for everyone.

Jackson® is the marketing name for Jackson National Life Insurance Company® and Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York®. Jackson National Life Distributors LLC.

Firm and state variations may apply.