One Jackson, many perspectives

Diversity and inclusion at Jackson­

Amanda Garcia-Williams

AVP, Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Acquisition

Since assuming the role of Assistant Vice President, Associate Experience, Diversity and Inclusion, and having the privilege of bringing Jackson's Business Resource Associate Groups (BRAGs) to life, I have experienced first-hand the passion my colleagues have for D&I across our company. Together, we are fostering a workplace culture of integrity, empowerment, and growth for ourselves and each other. 

We continually strive to make Jackson a great place to work, demonstrated by the engagement of leaders across the organization in all functional areas and across all levels. Together, we aim to create a workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and safe; our associates progress based on their demonstrated capability; we listen and learn first, and then contribute with humility and respect, and we hold ourselves and others accountable for nurturing our culture.

I have led Jackson's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council since it was formalized in 2018. This group supports and advises the CEO on D&I strategies, initiatives, best practices, and associate feedback to most effectively implement Jackson's D&I mission, vision, and strategic objectives.

Through our many diversity and inclusion initiatives, Jackson has committed to:

  • Further engaging external organizations that support our mission and vision and add value and resources to the work we are doing internally.
  • Enhancing diversity across the business, and particularly in management, by intentionally attracting a diverse pipeline of talent for development and succession planning.
  • Creating an environment that is safe and secure to discuss difficult topics that move us forward as individuals, teams, and a company.



We stand with our communities

At Jackson, our commitment to our culture carries beyond the walls of our company into the communities we serve and the communities in which we live. In recognition of the immediate needs given current events, Jackson has committed $450,000 to address racial justice issues with local community partners including the NAACP, Lansing, Urban League of Middle Tennessee, and Facing History and Ourselves.

Racial injustice has no place in our country. It is our responsibility to listen, even when it is uncomfortable, and to work together for a better tomorrow. Jackson stands with our associates and our communites and will do more.

Our Business Resource Associate Groups (BRAGs)

To attract and retain talent, we know we must do more than recruit—we must value the diverse strengths our associates bring to Jackson every day. Our BRAGs provide opportunities to empower all members of the Jackson family.

Jackson's diversity partnerships

We partner with a number of organizations whose objectives resonate with our values and culture.

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