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Savings Calculators

Plan Now to Preserve Your Savings for the Long Haul.

Preparing for a long life includes taking care of your health. The same goes for the longevity of your savings. Taking care of your assets involves looking out for the following:

  • inflation
  • taxes
  • market volatility

Gain a better understanding of your personal retirement needs by using these helpful calculators. Some planning now can help preserve the retirement you envision.

How Much Will You Need for Retirement?

Your vision for retirement, and the choices you make toward realizing this goal, is uniquely yours. Answering questions like “When to retire?”,“How much should you save?” and “How much will you need?” has never been more challenging. This pre-retirement calculator will help you determine whether you’re on track to achieving your personal goal.This calculator takes into account variables like:

  • Social Security expectations
  • inflation
  • anticipated rates of return
  • years until retirement

I’m Retired. How Long Will My Savings Last?

Retirement is expensive. If you’re in retirement, you already know that. Some believe that certain rules of thumb regarding retirement spending can be applied across the board. But there is no “one size fits all” for retirement planning. Your retirement needs are unique. This calculator helps determine how much you can withdraw monthly to prevent depleting your savings early.

This calculator takes into account variables including:

  • monthly income objectives
  • income sources such as Social Security and pensions
  • current savings
  • anticipated rates of return
  • years in retirement