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Required Minimum Distribution Calculators

Required Minimum Distributions: Know How Much You Need to Withdraw from Your Retirement Accounts

Individuals who own qualified retirement plans such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), 401(k)s, and pensions are generally required to take taxable withdrawals beginning at age 70½. If you are saving for retirement, knowing how much you are required to withdraw annually will go a long way toward determining whether you’re on track to meeting your long-term retirement goals. If you are already in retirement, it will also help avoid federal tax penalties for withdrawals that are less than required minimums.

Some of the factors that determine your annual withdrawals include:
  • Age
  • Annual plan balance
  • Marital status and spouse’s age (if applicable)

Calculate Projected Required Minimum Distributions

If you’re planning ahead, knowing your future required minimum distributions can help you preserve the retirement you envision. Use this projected required minimum distribution calculator to help plan for future withdrawals from your qualified retirement accounts.

Calculate Current Year Required Minimum Distributions

Use this current year required minimum distribution calculator to determine your withdrawals. Please note: This calculator is for individuals who are currently 70½ years or older.