Preparing For Retirement

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Preparing For Retirement

Planning Ahead is “Long-Term Smart®

With retirement still in the distance, you and your representative can put together a proactive financial plan. It should take into consideration such things as inflation, rising healthcare costs, college tuitions, and how much money you´ll need to fulfill your retirement dreams.

Just How Much Money Will You Need?

The key is to start working on your plan now. The Jackson® Retirement Calculator can show how waiting even just one more year to start saving can take a chunk out of how much money you´ll have during retirement.

Investing is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Should you max out your contributions to your employee-sponsored plan? What about an annuity? With so many choices, it´s important to work with a representative who can explain them all, offer insights and help create a plan that is right for you.

Diversifying Your Money Across Investments Is Critical

It may be the single biggest factor in determining the success of your retirement portfolio. History shows that during times when some market sectors perform unfavorably, others may have a banner year. So spreading your money across a wide variety of investments can be the long-term smart way to manage fluctuations in the market.

Grow Your Money Tax-Free

Some investment vehicles defer tax withholdings until the time of withdrawal, so more money is working for you. Then at retirement, if you enter a lower tax bracket, fewer taxes may be taken from your withdrawals. Just another reason to start making the most of your money now.

Choosing the Right Products

Jackson has a variety of products that can support your plan as you prepare to retire. Discuss which ones are right for you with your representative.


Jackson Variable Annuities can help you address both your investment needs now and the money you´ll need in retirement.

Fixed Index Annuities

Jackson Fixed Index Annuities* can help you lock in a guaranteed interest rate while still offering potential for additional interest tied to a market index.