Enjoying Retirement

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Enjoying Retirement

Setting up a Steady Stream of Income

To continue the lifestyle you knew pre–retirement, it´s important to create a financial strategy that offers you the most potential future value for your hard–earned money. Annuities, as part of your portfolio, can provide you with the opportunity to receive regular income during retirement.

Keeping Pace with Inflation

With the rate of inflation, the money you have today may not go as far tomorrow. How will inflation affect you in retirement?

Protecting What You´ve Saved

Investing in the market can be a viable way to create retirement income. However, dramatic fluctuations can sometimes mean losing some or all of your retirement money. Choosing products, portfolios and options that diversify your assets and lock in market gains can help you weather the ups and downs of the market.

Creating a Legacy

Part of enjoying retirement is knowing that your family will be taken care of in the event that anything happens to you. Jackson® and your representative can show you how to minimize federal estate taxes and make sure your assets are transferred to your heirs according to your wishes.

Choosing the Right Products

Here are some of the ways Jackson products can support your strategy as you prepare to retire.

Variable Annuities

Jackson Variable Annuities can help you address both your investing needs now and the money you´ll need in retirement.

Fixed Index Annuities

Jackson Fixed Index Annuities* can help you lock in a guaranteed interest rate while still offering potential for additional interest tied to a market index.