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Retirement Planning

Protect Your Income

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Presenting Lifetime CheckSM

Lifetime Check comes monthly, quarterly, or yearly, so you can have income for the rest of your life1—and your Lifetime Check even has the potential to keep growing.

When you purchase a variable annuity with add-on living benefits, you can potentially receive a Lifetime Check that's unaffected by interest rate fluctuations and market downturns.*

Contact your advisor for more information about Lifetime Check.

Lifetime Check is just one of the ways Jackson can help you achieve Financial Freedom for LifeSM.

It can help you address some of the following retirement challenges:

30 Years
Have been added to the lives of
Americans over the past century2

Outliving Your Income

With people living longer these days, talk to your advisor about Lifetime Check. It could be an important part of your retirement income plan.

203% Increase
In medicare premiums for
certain retirees3

Rising Costs

Lifetime Check even has the potential of going up. This can help you handle rising costs and other expenses in the future.

$28.2 Trillion
In qualified retirement accounts
subject to required minimum
distributions and taxes4


Up until the moment you decide to use your Lifetime Check, your money can grow tax-deferred while in one of our many annuities.

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What is a Variable Annuity?

Annuities are long-term, tax-deferred vehicles designed for retirement. Variable annuities involve investment risks and may lose value. Earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed and may be subject to a 10% additional tax if withdrawn before age 59½.

A variable annuity with an optional add-on living benefit, available for a charge in addition to the ongoing fees and expenses of the variable annuity, offers to guarantee income but does not protect the principal investment which may lose value.

*The guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits (GMWBs) discussed on this page are available for an extra charge in addition to the ongoing fees and expenses of the variable annuity. Only one add-on living benefit and one add-on death benefit may be elected per contract. Once elected, benefits may not be canceled; please see prospectus for specific benefit availability. The long-term advantage of the add-on benefits will vary with the terms of the benefit option, the investment performance of the Variable Investment Options selected and the length of time the annuity is owned. As a result, in some circumstances, the cost of an add-on may exceed the actual benefit paid under the option.

1Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of Jackson National Life Insurance Company® or Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York® and do not apply to the principal amount or investment performance of a variable annuity's separate account or its underlying investments.

2Stanford Center on Longevity, Special Report: Seeing Our Way to Financial Security in the Age of Increased Longevity, October 2018.

3HealthView Services, Why Recent Updates to Medicare and Social Security Matter, October 2018.

4Investment Company Institute, 2018 Investment Company Fact Book: A Review of Trends and Activities in the Investment Company Industry 58th Edition, 2018.

Retirement Hub for iPad®
Retirement Hub - Intelligent, Interactive Information.

We provide interactive apps to help make even the most advanced investment concepts easy to understand.

Retirement Calculators
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These calculators will help you determine whether you’re on track for your personal financial goals.

Jackson Annuities
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Explore the investment freedom and flexibility of our various annuity offerings.

Before investing, investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the variable annuity and its underlying investment options. The current contract prospectus and underlying fund prospectuses, which are contained in the same document, provide this and other important information. Please contact your representative or the Company to obtain the prospectuses. Please read the prospectuses carefully before investing or sending money.

The latest income date allowed on variable annuity contracts is age 95, which is the required age to annuitize or take a lump sum. Please see the prospectus for important information regarding the annuitization of a contract.

Tax deferral offers no additional value if an annuity is used to fund a qualified plan, such as a 401(k) or IRA, and may be found at a lower cost in other investment products. It also may not be available if the annuity is owned by a "non-natural person" such as a corporation or certain types of trusts.

Jackson® and its affiliates do not provide legal, tax or estate-planning advice. For questions about a specific situation, please consult a qualified advisor.

Annuities are issued by Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Home Office: Lansing, Michigan) and in New York by Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York® (Home Office: Purchase, New York). Variable annuities are distributed by Jackson National Life Distributors LLC, member FINRA. May not be available in all states and state variations may apply. These products have limitations and restrictions. Contact Jackson for more information.

Jackson® is the marketing name for Jackson National Life Insurance Company® and Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York®.

• Not FDIC/NCUA insured • Not bank/CU guaranteed • May lose value •
Not a deposit • Not insured by any federal agency

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