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Jackson's Leadership Role

At Jackson, we believe every American deserves to enjoy their hard-earned retirement, not spend it worrying about their assets. We are committed to helping people achieve financial freedom so they can live the lives they want.

We know that most Americans feel uncertain about how they're going to retire. We want to change that. If the current approach to retirement planning doesn't work for Americans, it's on us to create one that does. As a leading provider of annuities products, we're ready to lead this charge.

As one of the founding members of the Alliance for Lifetime Income, Jackson is bringing industry expertise to Americans to empower them to make choices that work for their futures. We know Americans can't afford to wait for what's next – so neither will we. We're leading what's next.

We employ the same values to leading the Alliance that we've embraced to lead the annuity industry: strategy, effort, and trusted partnerships have led to long-term success. As one of 24 financial services institutions that make up the Alliance, we're partnering with each other to educate you.

Today's retirement is different than previous generations. How we save for and fund retirement has fundamentally changed, and we understand the risk that consumers feel. Through times of uncertainty and market downturns, we've maintained integrity in our product offerings, expertise in our strategy, and loyalty to serving you. We've maintained our stance that a changing world shouldn't mean you have to change your plans.

What is an Annuity? An annuity is a long-term, tax-deferred vehicle designed for retirement. Variable annuities involve investment risks and may lose value. Earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed and may be subject to a 10% additional tax if withdrawn before age 59½.

Jackson's Commitment

We're leading the Alliance to help the lifetime income conversation evolve:

Beyond Saving
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Americans are living longer than ever before. This should be a good thing. Instead, too many are worried about running out of savings. Lifetime Income products1 can complement and protect your income2 by providing flexible choices with the potential to accumulate wealth throughout your lifetime.

Beyond Confusion
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Eighty-one percent of Americans don't know how much they need to retire.3 If you're one of them, you're not alone. We get that you didn't stop working to spend more time trying to understand your investments. One of the reasons we're leading the Alliance is because we've always stayed up-to-date on the most current information. We filter today's knowledge to give you an understanding of the retirement concepts that are most relevant to your life, tomorrow.

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All
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Your dreams for your future are unique to you. Your strategy for reaching them should be, too. An enjoyable retirement looks different to everyone. The more informed you are, the better equipped you will be to maximize your income potential to live life on your terms. Retirement is a tremendous opportunity. Take full advantage of every chance to make it your own.

1Optional benefits are available for an extra charge in addition to the ongoing fees and expenses of the variable annuity.

2Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.


The Alliance for Lifetime Income
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The Alliance for Lifetime Income is formed and supported by some of the nation's leading financial services organizations to create awareness and educate Americans about the importance of protected lifetime income.

The Return of Lifetime Income
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This content in the Wall Street Journal explains the challenges you could be facing and what you can do to create income for life.

Before investing, investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the variable insurance product, including its underlying investment options. The current prospectus (or for the variable insurance products the contract prospectus and underlying fund prospectuses, which are contained in the same document) provides this and other important information. Please contact your representative or the Company to obtain the prospectus(es). Please read the prospectus(es) carefully before investing or sending money.

Annuities are issued by Jackson National Life Insurance Company (Home Office: Lansing, Michigan) and in New York, annuities are issued by Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York (Home Office: Purchase, New York). Variable products are distributed by Jackson National Life Distributors LLC. May not be available in all states and state variations may apply. These products have limitations and restrictions. Contact the Company for more information. Jackson is the marketing name for Jackson National Life Insurance Company and Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York.

• Not FDIC/NCUA insured • Not bank/CU guaranteed • May lose value •
• Not a deposit • Not insured by any federal agency •

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