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Younger Investors

Are you a young investor just starting to think about funding your financial future? If you're already thinking about it before your mid-thirties, you're off to a good start. Read these articles for helpful tips and a fresh perspective on this stage of your life.

Latest Articles

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GLASS HALF FULL: Musings on Millennials

July 12, 2017
Jackson National Life Distributors LLC's Marilynn Scherer highlights positive trends in the way members of Gen Y approach their finances.
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LONG STORY SHORT: The Age of Retirement

June 28, 2017
In his latest Long Story Short column, Phil Wright poses the question: Is there a rock-and-roll retirement?
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Preparing for Your Retirement Journey

May 31, 2017
How preparation, discipline and a strong partner can help you reach your destination.
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Unleashing The Power of Discipline

May 03, 2017
Dan Martin discusses the critical role of discipline and positive thinking in working toward your financial goals.
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The Three Appeals of Retirement Planning

March 29, 2017
Phil Wright discusses how Aristotle's three appeals of persuasion, ethos, pathos and logos, could be applied to retirement planning.
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Why Write A Life Purpose Statement?

December 28, 2016
Dan Martin introduces three reasons why he believes writing a life purpose statement is worth your time (based on the work of Richard Leider).
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Holiday RetireMath®: Santa and the Tooth Fairy vs. Inflation

December 21, 2016
One of the best ways to understand inflation is through examples, so in the spirit of the season, let's take a look at a few of our favorite holiday icons through the lens of RetireMath®.
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Re-Calibrating Our Success Lens

December 21, 2016
Dan Martin discusses a new way of thinking that can help us step outside of the common definitions of happiness and success, and create our own version.
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Financial Knowledge and the Curiosity Gap

December 21, 2016
Dan Martin discusses how the difference between interest and curiosity can have a powerful impact on how we view and implement the pursuit of knowledge.
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Long Story Short - Dear Phil

November 23, 2016
In this edition of Long Story Short, Phil shares letters regarding financial matters from the present version of Phil to past and future versions.

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