Working With An Advisor

Working With An Advisor

How to Find the Right Financial Advisor for You

Before you choose a financial advisor, consider these seven tips. Read more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

A Partner in the Journey

Even if you're working to educate yourself on finance and investing, you may benefit from the guidance and expertise of a financial consultant to help you feel more confident about your decisions. Once you've found an advisor you’re comfortable working with, you can continue to build and strengthen that relationship when you know the right questions to ask and some common missteps to avoid.  

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Education for Everyone

The Financial Freedom Studio makes practical financial knowledge accessible and engaging for all. We bring together thought leaders, experts and visionaries to present ideas that inspire people to pursue financial freedom and personal fulfillment for life.

Prosperity in Knowledge

The Jackson Charitable Foundation is committed to advancing financial knowledge for people of all ages in communities across the country - with the belief that education for each of us can lead to a better society for all of us. 

A Jackson Idea

Jackson is a leading provider of retirement products that help you take control of your financial future. It’s a company that believes everyone deserves to live life well, and strives to provide education and support in the journey to financial freedom.