Life Planning

Life Planning

Answering the Call: Seven Frequently Asked Questions on the Power of Purpose

Purpose is fundamental and universal. Richard Leider answers the most frequently asked questions he receives on purpose from people around the world.

More Than Money

Retirement is one of the biggest transitions you’ll make in your lifetime, and we all know it’s important to have a solid plan for your money in retirement. But it’s just as important - perhaps even more important - to have a solid plan for your life in retirement. Believe it or not, sometimes that’s the harder of the two.

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The Magic Amount to Save for Retirement

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Protected Lifetime Income and the Johari Window

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Women and Money with Suze Orman

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10 Years Since the Financial Crisis: These Lessons are True Now and Forever

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Bringing Your Life and Financial Plan Together

Watch John Nelson and Christine Whelan explain how to blend your life plan with your financial plan.


Embracing Retirement's Possibilities

Watch Richard Leider, John Nelson and Christine Whelan discuss how to explore your unique possibilities in retirement.

Education for Everyone

The Financial Freedom Studio makes practical financial knowledge accessible and engaging for all. We bring together thought leaders, experts and visionaries to present ideas that inspire people to pursue financial freedom and personal fulfillment for life.

Prosperity in Knowledge

The Jackson Charitable Foundation is committed to advancing financial knowledge for people of all ages in communities across the country - with the belief that education for each of us can lead to a better society for all of us. 

A Jackson Idea

Jackson is a leading provider of retirement products that help you take control of your financial future. It’s a company that believes everyone deserves to live life well, and strives to provide education and support in the journey to financial freedom.