Sara Sanford

Executive Director, Gender Equity Now (GEN)
Sara Sanford is the Executive Director of Gender Equity Now (GEN) and the architect behind the GEN Certification, the first gold standard for gender parity in U.S. businesses. In her financial services career, she identified opportunities to address gender disparities as a force multiplier for growth and spearheaded John Hancock’s first broker-dealer initiative focused on women and wealth. She has authored articles on gender inequities in finance and socially responsible investing and delivered a TEDx talk on the power data holds to transform workplace culture.

Latest Articles

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Watching the market take a hit can make it difficult to stay in the game, but a trusted advisor can be the best coach for keeping your focus long-term. Short-term volatility shouldn’t cost you your long-term dreams. Learn how to partner with your advisor in a recession to stay on track. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

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Beyond The Wage Gap - Financial Feminism

Many of us have heard about the wage gap, but the less discussed retirement income gap can be just as influential. The women who start taking steps today to protect and grow their wealth can change the story of women in retirement. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.