Phil Wright

Vice President, New Business Development, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC.
Phil Wright is Vice President of New Business Development at Jackson National Life Distributors LLC (JNLD) and an award-winning financial writer. He started with the company in 1994 and focuses on the development and creation of marketing and business content. He is a Registered Principal and a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®).

Latest Articles

Tax Conversations to Have With Your Financial Professional

Within hours of his inauguration, President Biden announced a $775 billion plan to fund a new national caregiving program and signed 17 executive actions. Now is an excellent time to revisit your retirement plan with your financial professional and discuss the potential impact of President Biden's proposed tax polices, as well as strategies you may want to consider for protecting your assets. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.


If Retirement Planning Sounds Greek to You, You're on the Right Track

If Aristotle were your financial professional, can you imagine what he would say about such things as Social Security, 401(k) plans, and retirement planning in the age of COVID-19? In this article, author Phil Wright explores ways to apply philosophical tenets of Aristotle to retirement planning, and how trusting the path that you and your financial professional have mapped out will help keep you on track towards your retirement plans in times of uncertainty. Read more on the Financial Freedom Studio.

Seven Ways The CARES Act Can Help Reduce Your Financial Stress During This Pandemic Crisis

While stress levels may be off the charts, a care package has arrived with options and opportunities to help Americans push through this pandemic. The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) has been enacted into law and takes aim at providing relief to individuals and businesses that have been impacted as a result of COVID-19.

Life During Covid-19: Painful Lessons That Can Help Change The Way You Retire

The physical and psychological restraints of this pandemic are causing unprecedented fear, dread and anxiety that certain generations have not experienced before. But if you can put it in perspective, this can be a painful, yet powerful lesson for your own retirement readiness.