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Hard Conversations: Negotiation

Hard Conversations: Negotiation

Walking into a negotiation for a new job can feel nerve-wracking. In this 'Hard Conversations' post, we’ve outlined some of the most common negotiation mistakes to avoid and provided an approach that can help you get the other party on your side. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.

Hard Conversations: Merging Financies

Hard Conversations: Merging Finances

Not talking money before marriage can pose a great risk – not just to your financial life, but to your love life as well. It may seem counterintuitive, but talking about money after circumstances have forced the conversation can be much more consequential than talking about it ahead of time. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.


Hard Conversations: Your Parent’s Plans

While it can feel like a lot of pressure being sandwiched between caring for your own financial needs and the caretaking needs of your elders, it is possible to navigate caretaking roles while staying on track towards your own retirement. Learn more at the Financial Freedom Studio.


Social Media: FOMO Driving NoMo(ney)

The FOMO inspired by social media has influenced consumers’ spending, saving, and financial habits in ways that will have long-term impacts on their ability to retire. Learn how to protect yourself from the misleading, negative impact of social media at the Financial Freedom Studio.


Reaching Retirement Goals: With The Right Help It Can Be Easier Than You Think

America’s impending retirement crisis is no secret. Once common knowledge only among financial professionals, it is now common knowledge among consumers as well, most of whom are unsure how much money they’ll need in retirement. But there’s one thing they do know, which is they haven’t saved enough. Read more at the Financial Freedom Studio.


Investing while Female: You’re Not Alone

You may have taken stock of the unique pressures you can face as a female investor, and you now know that diversifying your portfolio can be key to addressing the range of challenges you may face in financial planning. Choosing an appropriate balance of diverse investments for your unique situation, especially following a time of crisis, can seem complicated, but you're not alone. Learn more on the Financial Freedom Studio.