Doug Lennick

Chief Executive Officer, think2perform
Doug Lennick is CEO and co-founder of think2perform. He is legendary for his innovative approaches to developing high performance in individuals and organizations and is an expert at developing practical applications of the art and science of human behavior, financial and otherwise. Before founding think2perform, Doug, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), was Executive Vice President – Advice and Retail Distribution for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial). In that capacity he led an organization of 17,000 field and corporate associates to unprecedented success. Doug and co-author Fred Kiel, Ph.D., recently released their newest book, "Moral Intelligence 2.0: Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success in Turbulent Times." Just one year earlier, Doug released the popular title, "Financial Intelligence: How to Make Smart, Values-Based Decisions with Your Money and Your Life." Doug is also the co-author of the internationally successful and original title, "Moral Intelligence" (Wharton School Publishing), sole author of "The Simple Genius (You)" and co-author with Roy Geer, Ph.D., of "How to Get What You Want and Remain True to Yourself." He has been quoted and referenced in many publications and books, including Daniel Goleman’s seminal book, "Working with Emotional Intelligence" and Richard Leider’s bestselling book "Power of Purpose."

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