A new study of pandemic-based digital disruptions in financial services

Few would dispute how rapidly a stay-at-home population embraced new technologies to shop, communicate, and simply hold on to a fragment of social normality. During the pandemic, financial professionals who seized the opportunity to embrace technology and enhance communication with their clients likely grew their businesses. But now is no time to ease up. Our study indicates an expanding appetite among all clients for more enhancements in digital tools and expanded forms of digital interaction. 

Jackson® and social research firm Advanis Inc. conducted a new study designed to explore pandemic-based digital disruption in financial services from financial professional and investor perspectives. The study’s target audience included 201 investors, between 40 and 74 years old who have USD $100K–$1,999,999 in investible assets. 40–50% of these investors are aware of annuities, while 30% own an annuity. The study also surveyed 200 financial professionals advising for more than one year who have a minimum of $25 million assets under management (AUM) individually managed vs. firm managed.

Learn more about the habits of financial professionals as well as clients in this new world by downloading our latest research study.