The road ahead for today's investor

A generation known for a rebellious spirit and a risk-taking mentality is now looking for a bit of certainty. But, why?

Many investors currently approaching or passing through retirement are not content with transitioning to a slow life of puttering around the house or playing golf every day. This group is often choosing to remain in the workforce, start new businesses, and push hard against the stereotype of a retiree. They enjoy and maintain an active lifestyle. 

Then – in the middle of defining how to successfully age – a full menu of unprecedented stressors arrived one after another. A global pandemic, political turmoil, civil unrest, economic uncertainty, and social isolation are a lot to absorb. 

In July of 2020, Jackson commissioned research and surveyed 804 men and women aged 50-70 in five major U.S. markets that illustrate the unease that steadily crept into life. This data was then compared to the results of an Ageist survey conducted in October of 2019. 

In this white paper, we’d like to share these sentiments around consumer confidence and investor vulnerability. You will gain insight into an updated investor profile, their preferred methods of communication, and new goals surrounding finances.