As the retirement landscape has evolved, so, too, have clients’ expectations. Jackson investigates the implications for financial professionals as they seek to connect with new and existing clients - forming lasting relationships with them by guiding them on their journey towards financial freedom.

As a founding member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income, Jackson believes it’s our job to inspire change. To help financial professionals better engage with clients, we knew we needed a deeper understanding of why consumer behavior isn’t changing and what we can do to convince consumers to seek out and use financial advice.

To ensure we heard the voices of consumers in their own language, in 2018 Jackson commissioned Metia Insights to gather a comprehensive body of insights focused on resonance and literacy in retirement planning. The content contained in this ebook is a result of that research, which was broken into two reports: “The Journey to Financial Literacy – Consumer Perspectives” and “The Journey to Financial Literacy – A Quantitative Study.”

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