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Jackson of NY History

Based on the unique securities laws governing firms doing business in the state of New York, Jackson National Life Insurance Company ®(Jackson®) issues products through a separate subsidiary, Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York ® (Jackson of NY®).

Jackson of NY opened its doors for business in 1998. Headquartered in Purchase, New York, the company markets variable and fixed annuities through multiple distribution channels, including independent agents, independent and regional broker-dealers, and financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Within four years after opening, Jackson of NY surpassed $1 billion in statutory assets.

The creation of its New York subsidiary was a significant milestone in Jackson's history. In addition to providing access to the large and strategically important New York market, the launch of Jackson of NY expanded the company's operations to all 50 states, making Jackson a truly national organization.

  • 1998 - Jackson of NY is founded
  • 2002 - Statutory assets top $1 billion
  • 2004 - Statutory assets top $2 billion
  • 2010 - Surpasses $1 billion in premium
  • 2011 - Statutory assets top $5 billion
  • 2015 - Statutory assets top $10 billion