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Curian Capital LLC

Curian Capital,® LLC is a registered investment advisor offering innovative fee-based managed accounts to investors. Unlocking the power of managed accounts, Curian provides investors with access to institutional money managers whose experience and expertise typically is available only to wealthy individuals and institutions.

Curian's mission is to empower financial professionals with the tools they need to achieve excellence so they can help their clients achieve success. The firm expands Jackson National Life Insurance Company®'s ("Jackson®'s") access to financial professionals and allows the organization to deliver attractive products and services that complement its core annuity product lines.

As managed accounts continue to gain popularity with financial professionals, Curian leverages its platform of best-in-class money managers, expert practice management consulting and award-winning marketing support to enable financial professionals to easily and seamlessly transition from a commission-based to a fee-based business. Curian offers:

  • A single, scalable solution for financial professionals
  • Active, institutional money management typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy
  • A recurring revenue business model
  • A systematic, disciplined asset management process
  • Broad diversification across strategic, tactical and alternative asset classes
  • Two distinct styles of portfolios - Select and Custom - to fit clients' unique needs and preferences
  • Complete customization, with the ability to exclude individual securities and entire social sectors as well as incorporate religious values*
  • Efficient, paperless account opening
  • Potential tax savings using Curian's Automatic Tax Harvesting Program
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring and oversight
  • 24/7 transparency of fees, holdings and valuation

To learn more, visit Curian Capital's website at