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Our History

Named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (Jackson®) first opened for business in 1961 as a small family-owned company. As we have evolved over the years into a successful multi-billion dollar organization, we have lived by the mantra that no matter where our journey takes us, we will never forget where we came from. We are just as proud of our heritage as we are of what we have become.

By combining the responsiveness and personal attention of a family business with the resources and strength of a large corporation, we are able to provide a unique experience to our customers and partners.

Key milestones:

1961 Company is founded and sells first policy
1975 Jackson introduces its flexible premium annuity
1982 Annuity sales triple from $50 million to $162 million
1987 Jackson surpasses $1 billion in sales
1989 Sales exceed $2 billion
1996 Jackson begins marketing variable annuity and fixed index annuity products
1998 National Planning Holdings®, Inc. (NPH) is formed
1998 Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York® opens, expanding Jackson's sales and distribution to all 50 states
2000 NPH acquires INVEST Financial Corporation® and Investment Centers of America, Inc.SM
2002 Jackson surpasses $50 billion in assets (GAAP)
2003 Jackson launches Curian Capital®, LLC, a separately managed accounts provider
2005 Jackson acquires Life Insurance Company of Georgia, doubling its policy count to 3 million
2010 IFRS assets exceed $100 billion*
2011 Jackson achieves record sales and deposits of $22.9 billion** and record IFRS net income of $683 million
2012 Jackson acquires Reassure America Life Insurance Company, increasing its policy count to more than 4 million
2013 Jackson earns $27.3** billion in total sales and deposits, with IFRS pre-tax operating income of $2 billion*

*International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a principles-based set of international accounting standards indicating how transactions and other events should be reported in financial statements. IFRS is issued by the International Accounting Standards Board in an effort to increase global comparability of financial statements and results. IFRS is used by Jackson's parent to report the Group's financial results.

**Sales and deposits from Jackson's subsidiaries Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York and Curian Capital have been included in Jackson's total sales and deposits figure.
Why Jackson
Jackson is one of the top annuity providers in the country.